Security Screens

Stainless Steel Detention Screens

Our Promesh® security doors make you feel like you have the security of a fortress without compromising the warmth and comfort of your home. And because there's no grille you can enjoy uninterrupted views of your garden.


All of our doors are constructed using our unique patented ‘Hook System’. The mesh is gripped within the recess of its frame, is locked under the tension and cannot be removed. Without the use of ugly bolts or rivets, this also gives a very neat and well finished appearance.


Promesh® Hinged Security Door:

  • High tensile stainless woven mesh

  • Triple lock system

  • Heavy duty door closer

  • 3 x Security hinges

  • Reduces UV rays

  • Custom built to your requirements

  • Complies with Australian Standards





Diamond Pattern Grille Screens

This security door & window system represents the first major improvement to home security within Australia.


Using a 60 tonne Hydraulic Press a series of grips are compressed into the perimeter edge of the grille on both sides. The grille then locks within its framework preventing withdrawal. The grille is secured to its frame at every point of contact. A superior strength fixing in comparison to riveted products.


Diamond Pattern Hinged Security Door

  • Close Pattern Security Grille that prevents adult hands getting through and protects the flywire.

  • Exceeds all specifications of the Security Standard AS5039-2003

  • Has more points for locking into the 'Gridloc' frame